Growing eyes will make toes hurt

    Corns This is the most common; but many people do not understand corns  ,Kongdi is a specialized corn plasters manufacturer, let it tell you what is corn.manifested as skin thickening pale yellow hair, like chicken eyes, hence the name, walking or pressing pain; generally long outside the big toe, or medial; long in the majority of the inner will Spread to the second toe and symmetry exists; most of its occurrence and over-exercise or shoes overcrowding; such the way of life  is generally not good , you can take the method of freezing.
For the corns can not be ignored, here said a hole in the feet, refers to the corns, Corn is a common situation in life, we will find that some people often appear on the feet of corns.
Clinically, this is to explain the corns, the corns are part of the long-term local skin foot squeeze, friction and other external forces, caused by the limitations of conical keratin, a hyperplasia, some people call it "meat thorn."
In such cases, it is very easy for people who stand for a long time to work or for longer walking distances and longer walking distances. At the same time, foot friction, oppression can also lead to the occurrence of corns.

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