Can I use the corn removal pads?

    Many people suffer from corns and have used many methods of treatment. However, it is painful to use either method. Some people choose to use the corn plaster for treatment, which is a very convenient way, but the corns attached to the corrosive treatment will also bring some pain. We need to avoid growing corns from our feet. KangDi paste manufacturers to share some life style to avoid growing corns lifestyle.
1.Wear loose, the right size and soft shoes, or a small piece of porous sponge pad to protect the local pressure to reduce friction and squeeze.After exercise with hot water and more foot bath, increase its blood circulation.
2.You to actively recover at the same time to avoid contact with water or irritating substances, but also do not eat spicy food, do not drink, eat less greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables.
3.You can eat foods containing vitamin C, such as kiwi, oranges, lemons, grapefruit. Eat more vitamin A It is mainly found in fish oil, carrots, tomatoes and other foods.
4.Often foot bath, develop the habit of foot bath with hot water every night to soften corn and foot pad. Use more hot water after exercise foot bath, increase its blood circulation.Use corn plaster for treatment, before using the corn plaster affixed to the hot water foot bath. Gently scrape the damaged cuticle with a knife, care when the corns around the corns around the skin with adhesive tape to protect the local can not touch the water, a week after digging out with your fingers.

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