Maintenance of long-term, stable client relationship is the key to our success. In order to meet the different needs of customers, we integrate global high-quality resources, establish the efficient customer feedback system, which ensures the greatest value of customers and helps them improve market competitiveness.

Agent Wanted

    We are looking for Sole Agency in all over the world. The product range includes Pain relieving patch, Capsicum plaster, Belladonna plaster, Corn plaster, Cooling gel patch, Better breathe nasal strip, Warmer patch, Detox foot patch, Menstrual cramps relief patch, Motion sickness patch, Diarrhea patch, Slim patch.

Agent Requirements:

    1. The sole agency must have great ability to buy and have large dispatch channels in their territories.

    2. For sole agency in different country, we have different requirements. We'll stipulate an annual turnover and an initial order amount for sole agency. The period for sole agency is one year. The sole agency should complete at least 50% turnover in the first half year. Agent who completed the annual turnover in the first year has the right to renew the sole agency. If failed, the sole agency will be canceled automatically.

    3. During the sole agency period, the agent shall be not allowed to buy the same or similar product from any other supplier under the contract. While the supplier are not allowed to sell contractual product to any third party within sole agency territory.

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